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Hydraulic actuators

The Scana Skarpenord hydraulic actuators can be delivered as single- or doubleacting and can operate ball- and butterfly valves. The design simplifies maintenance and installation, which gives the customer a cost effective product. Quarter turn actuators are delivered with adjustable stroke or fixed 90 degree rotation with mechanical locking.

Hydraulic actuators

Single- and double acting

The actuators operates ball- and butterfly valves. The design simplifies maintenance and installation, which gives the customer a cost effective product.

Double acting hydraulic actuator

Unique functions of the Scana Skarpenord actuators are:

Mechanical locking

All actuators are delivered with Mechanical Locking as standard. The mechanism is integrated in the actuator and totally independent of hydraulic oil. If there is loss of hydraulic pressure or even a fire, the valve will be kept safe in last position (open/close).

Easy maintenance

The Mechanical Locking gives the feature of Easy Maintenance as well. The only regular maintenance we recommend on Scana Skarpenord actuators, is changing of the piston sealing. Because of the Mechanical Locking, the sealing can be replaced without any dismantling. The actuator can remain attached to the valve and the valve does not have to be disconnected from the pipeline. The maintenance can be performed with the valve safe locked in fully closed or open position. Full flow can be maintained in the pipeline during maintenance.

EAL™ Hydraulic Oil

Our VRC systems is also suited for use with EAL™ Hydraulic Oil and can be used upon customers preference. This is premium quality, high performance hydraulic oils developed to meet the demand for environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluids

Hydraulic actuator, double acting

Type: 1/4 turn hydraulic actuator
RA2 – Mechanical locking
RB2 – Adjustable stroke

  • Scotch-yoke design, piston type
  • Local visual position indicator
  • Manual operation by stationary hand pump or by portable hand pump via quick connectors
  • Connection flange according to ISO 5211

Max hydraulic working pressure 220 bar
Actuator torque range 69 – 64550 Nm
Service temperature -45°C to +120°C

Use area: For dry and submerged purpose (for submerged type “SBM” a seal connection kit is added).

Actuator with mechanical lock
Actuator with adjustable stroke

Hydraulic actuator, single acting

Type: 1/4 turn hydraulic actuator
RE2 – Spring-to-close-action
RF2 – Spring-to-open-action

  • Scotch-yoke design, piston type
  • Adjustable stroke
  • Local visual position indicator
  • Stationary hand pump or quick connectors for portable hand pump
  • Connection flange according to ISO 5211

Available torque up to 17800 Nm (Larger actuators on request)
Service temperature -20°C to +80 (+110°C upon request)

Quality Assurance

Scana Skarpenords products, services and production are assured through an extensive Quality Assurance System. The QA-system is approved by DNV-GL to comply with:

 ISO 9001:2015

  • MSA- Manufacturing Survet Arrangement (DNV-GL)
  • Type approval Hydraulic Actuators RARBRCRD (DNV-GL)
  • Type approval Hydraulic Actuators RERFRGRH (DNV-GL)
  • Type Approval Hydraulic Actuators (BV)
  • (Achilles) JQS Certificate of Qualification (JQS)
  • ATEX Type Examination Certificate RA (Presafe)
  • ATEX Type Examination Certificate RB (Presafe)
  • ATEX Type Examination Certificate RE-RF (Presafe)
  • SAR reports

Type Approval

The actuator with Scotch Yoke is type-approved by DNV-GL and BV.

About Incus Investor ASA

Incus Investor ASA is a Nordic industrial investment company listed on Oslo Stock Exchange. Incus Investor’s predecessor, Scana Industrier, changed its strategy from being an industrial group to a holding entity with portfolio companies. To highlight the new strategy, the company became Incus Investor from April 2016. Located in Stavanger, Norway, Incus Investor aims to be a profitable Nordic industrial investment company, creating shareholder value through active ownership. Incus Investor has six portfolio companies providing products and system solutions within the energy related business.

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