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Scana valve remote control

Quality products, services and maintenance

From Oseberg field in the North Sea Photo: Marit Hommedal

The valve remote control from Scana Skarpenord includes:

  • Actuators for operation of ball, butterfly, gate and globe valves. The actuators are among others used for various process valves, loading and offloading systems and ballast systems on floating installations.
  • Control circuits for actuator/valve operation are delivered in many different types. The circuits can be controlled from a centralized system, or from a “stand alone” PC/PLC system delivered by Scana Skarpenord.
  • Tailor made hydraulic power units is also part of the product range delivered to the Oil & Gas segment.

Scana Skarpenord’s benefits:

  • The products from Scana Skarpenord are suitable for new-builds as well as for upgrading or modification of existing vessels/installations.
  • Spare parts can be delivered also for older installations, and maintenance, repair, upgrading and modification of existing equipment can be offered.
  • Complete documentation for systems delivered through the last 30 years is in the company’s possession at Rjukan.
  • The company’s skilled service engineers can assist on site with surveys and installation.
  • Safety and reliability are given the highest attention, and high quality components are used to secure the best possible performance and trouble free operation.

Hydraulic actuator

The Scana Skarpenord actuators can be delivered either as double acting- or single acting type. Quarter turn actuators are delivered with adjustable stroke or fixed 90 degree rotation with mechanical locking.

Linear actuator

Hydraulic linear actuator

The linear actuators can be delivered either as double acting- or single acting type. Force and spring force are calculated specially according to valve requirements. Indication in end positions.

Control Circuits

Stainless steel control circuits are delivered as panels or enclosed cabinets and with various functions, all designed and built to meet the client’s specifications. High quality components are chosen to secure the best possible safety and performance.

Hydraulic Power Unit

Tailor made hydraulic power units for various types of system service. Various control and monitoring solutions are available, and different back-up/accumulator arrangements can be delivered.

Control circuit

About Incus Investor ASA

Incus Investor ASA is a Nordic industrial investment company listed on Oslo Stock Exchange. Incus Investor’s predecessor, Scana Industrier, changed its strategy from being an industrial group to a holding entity with portfolio companies. To highlight the new strategy, the company became Incus Investor from April 2016. Located in Stavanger, Norway, Incus Investor aims to be a profitable Nordic industrial investment company, creating shareholder value through active ownership. Incus Investor has six portfolio companies providing products and system solutions within the energy related business.

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