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Project details

Ship owner: Offshore Heavy Transport AS, Norway

Vessel type: Heavy lift

Class: DNV

SSR Scope of Supply

  • 223 pcs Double acting and single acting hydraulic actuators
  • 223 pcs Butterfly valves (Westad, Amri, HVS – Holland Valve Solutions)
  • 1 pc 450litres Hydraulic Power Unit – special design
  • 8 pcs Solenoid Valve Cabinets (direct and indirect indication – ON/OFF and throttle – control circuits) for Ballast, Stripping and Air vent systems
  • 2 pcs Mimic Panels for Ballast/Stripping systems and Air Vent system

About Incus Investor ASA

Incus Investor ASA is a Nordic industrial investment company listed on Oslo Stock Exchange. Incus Investor’s predecessor, Scana Industrier, changed its strategy from being an industrial group to a holding entity with portfolio companies. To highlight the new strategy, the company became Incus Investor from April 2016. Located in Stavanger, Norway, Incus Investor aims to be a profitable Nordic industrial investment company, creating shareholder value through active ownership. Incus Investor has six portfolio companies providing products and system solutions within the energy related business.

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Scana Skarpenord AS
Såheimsveien 6
P.O. Box 3
N-3361 Rjukan


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