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Scana Skarpenord Computerized Valve Control

The Scana Skarpenord computerized valve control is a centralized system for control/monitoring of valves and hydraulic power unit. The valve remote control functions are carried out via customized mimics on the screen. The operation is conducted on a touch screen or by track ball/keyboard. The solution minimizes the need for cabling between the different units.

Valve Control Station

Valve Control Station

The control Station (PC), Logic Controller (PLC) and operator panel in the SVC are interconnected by a bus cable. This will simplify the installation work. All control components are produced by renowned companies with worldwide technical support.

Valve Control Station for control room:
  • Control computer station with onscreen mimics for easy operation
  • Operation by pointing device or touch screen to activate any valve
  • Position/status indicated on mimic
  • Computer stations and operator panels allow pararell operation from different locations
  • Alarm system with logging of alarms and printer support may easily be added
Remote control/monitoring of HPU:
  • Monitoring and control of hydraulic power unit from mimic screen on computer station
  • Alarms, warnings and hydraulic oil pressure visualized and logged
Pump control:
  • Control and monitoring of pumps from the on-screen mimic
  • Pump status, power concumption and pressures may be displayed on-screen
Data from external systems:
  • Valve control station may be connected to any external system for visualizing data
  • Interface with other systems by standard or tailor made protocols
Solenoid Valve Cabinet:
  • I/O units and PLC located in SVC
  • The PLC utilizes a NC common alarm dry contact for connection to ships IAC
  • The locic controller in the SVC runs independently from the control room computer and has a dedicated operator panel mounted in cabinet door
  • The control system will still run from the operator panel, even if the control computer is disabled
  • The operator panel utilizes a powerful tool for maintenance work and as backup control station
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